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Lessons from a Public School Turnaround



Positive Learning Environments -Instructional Strategies


Hi Everyone,

Here is a link to a lesson for instructors that suggests ways in which instructors can make the learning environment a more positive one :

The following are the objectives of this particular lesson:

1) Design and implement cooperative, collaborative and peer learning strategies

2) Define and describe a positive learning culture

3) Identify the aspects of a positive learning culture

4) List ten results or benefits of peer learning.

5) Outline the four elements of the basics of instructional design

6) Recognize the various roles of instructors in a positive learning environment

7) Differentiate between field-dependent and field-independent learning styles.

i am interested in seeing what you think of this lesson. Do you this it an effective way to make the learning environment more positive.



Classroom Management & Student Management


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Hello Everyone,

I came across the following article that I really wanted to share because when I think of creating a positive learning environment I see myself encouraging my students and doing my best not to hurt anyone’s feelings during class discussion or discouraging anyone…I can see myself praising my students for their contributions in the classroom setting to promote a positive learning environment..”Many educators have hoped to maximize students’ confidence in their abilities, their enjoyment of learning, and their ability to thrive in school by praising their intelligence.” ( link:

this article talks about the negatives of too much praise…very interesting…take a look!



Hello Everyone, I came across the following article