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The Fountain of Tooth


Hi Everyone,

This blog is the second one I have created. My first one is called, “The Fountain of Tooth”. It has some great resources and information relating to the social in education and dental health education. Please take a look and follow if it interests you! The following is a blurp of the blog : )

” Welcome to the Fountain of Tooth!!

What is Fountain of Tooth? This is a blog that will focus primarily on dental consciousness (interesting facts, myths, dental technology, research/developments in the dental world) in the hopes of improving to your oral health and dental IQ” Link:

Let me know what you think!





Instructional Strategies Videos Made by My Classmates


Instructional Strategies Video Links Created by my Classmates-Please Check them out!

Jennifer R. (The Growth Portfolio) Link:

Cheryl J. (The Demonstration Strategy) Link:

Lesley F. ( Story Telling) Link:

Susan F. (Team Jeopardy) Link:

Jaspal A. (Case Studies) Link:

Connie K. (Journals) Link:

Time E. (Jigsaws) Link:

David M. (Root Cause Analysis)  Link:

Stacy F. (Send a Problem) Link:

Sharon D. (Stations) Link:

Sherri M. (Think-Pair-Share) Link:

Md S. (Role Playing))Link:

Jean-Blaise K. (Dyadic Interview: Chatter About Internal Audit) Link:

Instructional Videos Created by Classmates


Hi Everyone,

Here are links to some great instructional videos made by my classmate. Check them out!

Student: Jean- Blaise Kiza

Student: Md Sunjari
Role-Plays: Playing Big




Background Knowledge Probe


Hi Everyone,

This instructional strategy video focuses on the background knowledge probe. It examines how it can be used (the ideal context), its limitations, advantages and some best practices. I made it!! Check it out!





VCC School of Instructor Education Facebook Page-Great Resource

The School of Instructor Education at Vancouver Community College trains professional and potential adult educators.

“The School of Instructor Education at Vancouver Community College provides programs, courses and workshops to those interested in becoming professional adult educators and trainers. Graduates of its programs instruct in colleges, government, industry and in both non-profit and private sector organizations. Programs include the:Provincial Instructor Diploma Program
Diploma in Adult Education
Certificate in Online/eLearning Instruction

Courses are scheduled year round at many locations in British Columbia, Alberta and online as well. The School of Instructor Education also offers training to companies and organizations at their place of work upon request. In addition, the School of Instructor Education provides instructor training programs to international clientele both in Canada and abroad as part of international development projects.”

Other Great Resources!


Here are links to some fellow bloggers that also offer some great resources that can enhance teaching for learning. Please check them out!